The Fanny beyond the festivals

With Coachella kicking off this weekend, festival season is in full swing and that means it’s time to break out the fanny pack (hands free is KEY when it comes to choosing a festival bag). And although the fanny pack is perfect for festivals, we think this handy dandy little number should be a staple all year long.

The fanny we’re featuring here is designed by a mom and her 2 daughters, who’s mission is to liberate women from their baggage. Their company, Hipsters for Sisters, is a line of stepped up fanny packs made in the USA with a portion of the sale of every bag going directly to charities that either support Mother Earth or liberate and empower women.

Now that’s fashion we can get behind.

LOOK WE LOVE >> Skirt + Pant

We love a gooood skirt and, no doubt, we love a fabulous pant.  How fantastic when they’re paired together!   Now that spring is officially only 4 weeks away (yay!!!) this look (though seems a bit adventurous, we know) is perfect to transition into spring!  It gives you the warmth of layers and yet also lets you enjoy those pretty skirts (and dresses) that usually only see warmer sunnier days.  This winter has been brutal, and life’s too short…grab that pretty skirt & your fave pant and go have fun with the look we love!!

skirt pant.jpg
skirt pant2.jpg
skirt pant3.jpg
skirt pant4.jpg
skirt pant 5.jpg
skirt pant6.jpg
skirt pant7.jpg

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