Behind-The-Scenes >> Making of A Flower Story

For the last 3 years, we have had the pleasure of collaborating on a creative project with an amazing team, where the collective goal — and our only purpose — is to create artistic and amazing photographs. The project is always the brainchild of our dear friend and amazing photographer, Kirsten Miccoli. The pictures are displayed each January in Chicago at a group art show called A Personal Project (there are many other amazing contributors, so definitely check it out).

The first year, there were live mice involved (and one incredible, professional, and brave model!) The next year, we had naked models in a kiddie pool. For 2015, Kirsten’s theme was flowers. Dark and thorny, bright and vibrant, pure, and dying.

We can’t share the images with you yet, but we can share this fantastic behind-the-scenes video from Chicago-based film gangstas, Indirap Productions. Hope you enjoy!

The Team:

photography: Kirsten Miccoli

styling: Arlene Matthews and Brandon Frein, Kit This

hair and make-up, white and brown: Loni Hale

hair and make-up, black and red: Frances Tslas

model, black: Taylor, Modelogic

model, white: Megan, The Rock Agency

model, red: Colleen, Factor

model, brown: Beatrice, Factor

original artwork/backdrops: Stephen Sloan

assistant: Ana Dominguez

video: Julian Tillotson and Peter House, Indirap Productions