DIY >> Geode cuff

It’s no secret I’m a sucker for shamelessly glamorous (and over-the-top gaudy) accessories, so in my efforts to get my “jewelry wardrobe” prepped for the fall, I decided to create this feverishly flamboyant (and easy to make!) gold geode cuff inspired by my style heroes, Kelly Wearstler and Anna Dello Russo.

Supplies: Geode, rock, or crystal of your choice, molding clay, gold paint, gold cuff

1. Assess how flat the base of your geode is compared to the curve of your cuff.  Add a chunk of clay to the base of the geode and press/mold it to get it in all of the geode’s nooks and crannies.  Press the clay firmly to the geode to ensure it sticks

2. Press the bottom of geode with the clay firmly to the top center of the cuff and mold it to fit the cuff’s curve.

3. Remove the geode with the clay and paint the side of the clay with your gold paint.  Let it dry.

Once the paint is dry, place the geode back onto the cuff and press firmly for a couple minutes.  Note:  If you press firmly enough, the geode will stay on the cuff when you wear it but will not be permanently stuck so that you can change it out with different rocks in the future.  If you want to permanently secure it, add some super glue underneath the clay before you press it onto the cuff.  ENJOY!