Show Pony Issue #2 >> American Beauty

We are thrilled to announce the second issue of  Show Pony Magazine. Admittedly we’re a little biased (we’re the fashion editors), but we really love this smart and interesting new publication.

The 2nd installment of Show Pony is, like any good show pony, proud and strong. It’s the American-made issue and features a number of our Chicago friends, including the fabulous Sir & Madame Boutique, the unique and awesome Heritage Bicycles General Store, and the delicious Bang Bang Pie Shop.

And of course there’s fashion. Arlene took a 100% American-made wardrobe up to Wandawega Lake Resort, another homegrown favorite, for the shoot. Imagined and shot by Rebecca Hill, and starring the luminous Jessica Orr and pieces from some of our our favorite American gals –Rachel Comey, Wendy Nichol, Chrissie Miller, Kathryn Bentley — this is Show Pony’s American Beauty.

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Other highlights from Issue 2 include:

the cutest baby ever (We’re suckers for a cute baby. And this baby is the cutest baby we’ve seen since the cute baby from SP issue 1!)

Brian and Autumn Merritt (Autumn is seriously the coolest girl we know. She’s rad, y’all.)

a treehouse

• the cutest couple ever (and the lost art of the handwritten letter)

There’s more, so go check out the entire issue here. You can even read it on your mobile ;)


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